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This is the blog of the international youth project „Faces of remembrance“ on the subject of cultural memory. During our week-long workships in Weimar, the students from Istanbul, Essen, Guatemala, Weimar and the Schüller from Elangen and Göttingen will deal with questions of how history is represented in our everyday life, as we remember special events in our past and how we should deal with these memories. We will start with public spaces and buildings and monuments in Weimar, with all its social and cultural characteristics; as objects of cultural memory.

Inspired by the Weimar experience in urban space, students will situate the issues in an international context. As part of a final presentation, participants will have the opportunity to discuss theri project and results with experts in cultural memory. During the project, everything will be documented and shared on this blog. We would be delighted if you follow our project. The main focus of the discussion will be the Weimar Theater space and the Goethe-Schiller Monument.

The project is supported by the EU Erasmus + youth development program.

24.11.2014– Final Disskusion in the national Theater of Weimar with with Hellmut Seemann, president of Classic Foundation, Christian Holtzhauer, artistic director of the Weimar Art Festival and Particitpants of Projekt.



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